A letter to Quantico Base Commander, Colonel Daniel Choike

Quantico Base Commander
Colonel Daniel Choike
3250 Catlin Avenue,
Quantico VA 22134

cc: Quantico Brig Commanding Officer
CW04 James Averhart
3247 Elrod Avenue,
Quantico VA 22134

Dear Sir:

It is with deep sadness that I feel compelled to write to you from Europe regarding the conditions of detention of PFC Bradley Manning. It is a longstanding tenet of your legal system that an accused is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore clearly at the time of writing Bradley Manning is innocent, that is an unarguable fact; the question begs to be asked why is an innocent man being subject to a regime of such severity that it can only be described as punitive?.

Sir do you realise what damage this treatment is doing to the reputation of the Marine Corps, the US Military and the United States itself? Instead of a civilised treatment of a man awaiting trail which respects his human rights and his presumption of innocence what the world is seeing appears to be a Marine Corps exacting extra-judicial vengeance using any and all means in it’s disposal to inflict punishment both severe and petty.

This Sir is how the world is viewing you. The assurances of your spokesperson that the conditions of detention are not punitive are simply not believed. If anything they tarnish the reputation of the Marines even more. What is the point of this treatment? is it make an example of Manning? to act as a warning? To show what happens to anyone that steps out of line? Can’t you see it just paints you not as a strong force but as a petty and vindictive one jumping at an opportunity to bully, to twist rules and abuse due process.

You are systematically and deliberately destroying a mans mind and tarnishing your own reputation and the organisation to which you belong. I beg of you to end this inhuman treatment and lift the POI order.

“You don’t lead by hitting people over the head-that’s assault, not leadership.”
-General Dwight D. Eisenhower

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