A Letter to Julian – Sincerely, Gandhi…and I.

Dear Julian,

It is my deepest regret that you are being imprisoned and yet at the moment I write this, I wonder if I should.  It has been my understanding that you are a man who is a rock – a rock upon which anyone can stand because you are the strongest of us all.

Shall I regret your decision to reap the consequences of your alleged actions or shall I support you in your faith in the British government?  I feel as though my strength is behind bars tonight yet at the same time, I am lavishing in the newly found freedom of strength that I had inside me all along – awakened by you.

There can never be a time when we will ever meet.  I am just that little somebody out here in the world applauding what you have done – and will continue to do…even through any death you may encounter.  My voice…is your voice right now – and there are millions of people just like me who are your voice as well.

We see pictures of you, and we watch those videos of you speak.  You are the melody to an otherwise lonely lyric.  I cannot tell what your reaction will be in the days to come because I am unsure of what your next move is in this game of chess – played by the honest on one side and the dishonest on the other.  Would that be considered Chess, Julian?

I imagine right now, that you are sitting in a cell by yourself – thinking.  Always thinking, always making sure that the opponents move has not been a calling of your bluff.  And they too…are wondering if what your next move is, will be a bluff.  You know this.

You have restructured the world.  Regardless of what your original intention has been – regardless of who you are underneath those expensive suits – the message is clear and it’s about time.  We know who you are Julian and you don’t have to leak that to us.  We already know and we all love you for it – and in spite of it.

Do not forget to think about us too Julian, for it is we who have been courageous enough to stand up and fight – and we know that you won’t forget.  These are more than beautiful sentiments being tossed your way.  These are a characterization of what we wish to come.  We see your mother calling you brave – and yet the whole world is your surrogate mother.  Sometimes the mother gets mad, but in the end, she still loves you.

It is my hope that one day you will see this letter – and smile.  That’s all I ask.  I ask that you smile – and not for a camera or for me, but for yourself.  You deserve to smile – and to give yourself that smile.  You’ve given the world everything you have – and you have given yourself nothing.  Smile…for yourself.

From the heart of that somebody out here…


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