A Call To the World

The notion that Julian Assange – a single man – has brought about so much attention to the world, means that there is a call for change.

Change is something that is feared by many across our globe.  I have wondered lately, “why?”  There are some times in a person’s life when change has been such a glorious event, that it has changed their life entirely.  Change is not always a good thing, but I would think that change brings about more good than bad overall.

I believe that change may not appear to be good at first, but in the end – we realize that it was that change that needed to occur in order for the good to come about.

Julian Assange opened a wound for the world.  We are all feeling it.  As we sit here and applaud what he has done, we also know that what we feel in our hearts is not so pleasant.  We feel the anguish of reality and truth being bestowed upon us and we realize that it’s not from anything that Julian has done.  It’s about what has been done to us, as citizens of a national and global network of people.

No public figure is going to be perfect – in any sense of the word.  Nobody is perfect – as the saying goes.  Perhaps a portion of the fault is ours for expecting any public figures to be perfect.  Perhaps the blame is on them for not meeting our expectations (and perhaps their own).  But the moral of the story is that information will not be held for all of eternity.

We have all learned a very good lesson in all of this – and like that change that seems to be hurting at first, the lesson that we’ve learned in all of this is that we all need to hold “ourselves” to higher standards and begin taking accountability for ourselves and our actions.

We should not have to rely on a government to be our example.  When they falter – we then are forced to meet the faltering with them.  Perhaps it’s time that we all gave a conscious effort towards accountability, and each man – and woman – can provide an example regardless of our status in life.  Our future generations are depending upon us for that example – and it’s what we give them by this, that will create the world of tomorrow.

Julian Assange has started this change – and loudly.  When a government can be forced to hold itself accountable, then everyone else follows suit.  That’s what we have to work with right now – and it’s never about how hard we all fall.  It’s about how fast we can get up and then in return, help others up.

If our governments have fallen, then we have fallen – and it’s up to us to help everyone back up.  Julian Assange isn’t about keeping people down.  He’s about gift giving – and his gift to us, is information and through that information there is truth.  Inside that truth, there are values and lessons to be learned.  Not even the President of the United States can elude fault in his daily life.  He is not so accomplished that he is excluded from lessons.

We can rise to this challenge together – or we can ignore it and continue on with our narrow minded paths.  It’s up to us…and the only thing stopping us, is us.  Julian Assange cannot do any more than what he’s doing – and he’s giving his all.  The least we can do in return is return that favor by demonstrating that the lesson was learned so that when his time comes to end this Earthly experience – he can be satisfied in knowing that he helped someone – somewhere.

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