55-minute film on Wikileaks screened

BANGALORE: Encouraging a debate on the role of media, the Media Wing of the Suchitra Film Society screened ‘Wiki Rebels: The Documentary’ a film on Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. Around 30 people who attended the screening discussed the role of the media in giving out information and deliberated on how much information is ‘good’ information.

The organisers believed that though the screening is a little out of context, the film would be a good starting point to encourage a discussion among citizens on how much information they choose to know and what they think the role of the media should be. “We wanted to bring the media and the public face to face and ensure that there is a free flow of information and opinion,” said Subburao, the organiser of the event.

The hour-long discussion that followed the film’s screening was moderated by veteran media persons Y M Jayashankar and Ishwar Daithota. “We realised today that the general public is very interested in media related issues and the audience mainly comprised youngsters,” said Subburao. During the discussion, some of the key issues that were raised revolved around the credibility of the Internet and the changing trends in the media.

The screening was conducted as part of the film society’s monthly events. The 55-minute film focuses on Julian Assange and his organisation and throws light on the impact the Wikileaks release had on the world.


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