The Swedish Government and Assange

My name is Michael John and I am the Founder of Blue Planet Preservation Society. I and BPPS are supporting 100% Wikileaks and its Founder Julian Assange.

To be absolutely clear I cannot tell you if the accusations against Mr. Assange in Sweden are true or not, I do not have sufficient background information about the matter, but it is be curies that all this started after he published the diplomatic communications from the US representations on Wikileaks.

This alone raises some questions.

If the accusations against him in the opinion of the Swedish police are base to start a criminal investigation and in no way related in any political matter, then there is a way for the Swedish government to prove that no political issues are the motivation behind this matters.

The Swedish Government can issue an irrevocable guarantee that if Mr. Assange comes to Sweden to deal with this matter he will not be arrested or prosecuted for any other matters and independent from the outcome of the charges against him he will not be extradited to the US or any other country in connection with the publications on Wikileaks.

If the Swedish government is refusing to give this guarantee than there is most properly some political pressure on them from the USA.

This proposed non extradition guarantee and freedom from other prosecution is a common practice as I had a situation where I requested this guarantee and got it.

I and BPPS are completely against violence, as we believe violence creates only more problems as it helps.

But there is a very effective way to force a government to change its actions or to obey the Law and Logic.

Send emails to the Ministry of Justice demanding the guarantee of no extradition and prosecution apart from the care on hand. Stop buying products made in Sweden, do not travel to Sweden, and do not fly Swedish Airlines, stage protests in front of Sweden’s Consulates and Embassies.

This creates so much work and financial suffering that they will rethink what they are getting themselves into.

Michael John

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